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Research & Technology Evaluation

Do you know your IT capabilities and areas of exposure? In today’s dynamic world, it is a mandatory, but very difficult, requirement that your IT assets remain current with your business practices and processes. IT is not just a department anymore. IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, and Application Architecture are all business strategic areas.

Organizations often experience difficulties evaluating high impact IT areas and translating the results into business decisions. Major contributing factors are a lack of resources, available time, or experience. Baynetworks can help you and your organization perform these evaluations and decisions by leveraging our real world experience and best practices. We provide domain knowledge expertise ranging from RFP preparation to enterprise architecture and application architecture evaluation. Additionally, PCS can assist in the development and implementation of an IT Strategy or Development Methodology.

Our IT Research and Technology Evaluation Services group can assist you in gaining a thorough and in-depth understanding of your IT assets, value, efficiency, effectiveness, and life expectancy. PCS assists its clients in making better decisions by providing them with a real world view of their IT exposure and capabilities. Our highly skilled and experienced IT analysts are heavily leveraged by our clients in a wide range of business – technology related activities: IT evaluations, IT Strategy, methodology development, RFP creation, enterprise wide technology migrations/change, application architecture, pending acquisitions, asset purchases, or pooling of interests. We are able to quickly conduct and complete an Information Technology Audit or Evaluation and deliver a comprehensive document detailing the key components of an organization’s IT, a high level SWOT analysis, its life expectancy, identification of hidden costs, review of IT controls, a review of the IT budget, and a five year forward looking opinion of IT and related areas spending specific to your organization.

Mergers and Acquisitions
One corporate function, in particular, that is greatly aided by our IT Research and Technology Evaluation Services product is Merger and Acquisitions. Examples of the type of information that is provided to clients to assist in acquisition negotiations include:

Identification of hidden IT costs;
Identification of delayed IT costs;
Identification of IT staffing issues;
Determination of the state of IT hardware, software, network, and applications spanning a 8-10 year life cycle;
Conducting and documentation of an in-depth IT financial review directed towards evaluating if the IT function has been properly funded.