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Enterprise Architecture Audit

Enterprise Architecture Audit, or Information Technology Audit, or Information Systems Audit, is the evaluation of processes and controls within an Information technology (IT) infrastructure; it is a mechanism for examining the effectiveness of organizations, systems, processes, risks and controls. IT Audits are beneficial in identifying operational deficiencies within a business and help determine if the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively and efficiently to achieve the organization’s goals or objectives.

Baynetworks’ audit processes are risk-focused, encourage efficient IT controls, and ensure the timely resolution of audit deficiencies. The process begins with a comprehensive inventory of all the various IT components. Baynetworks’ experienced consultants review applications, hardware, software, processes, systems, and budgets. The data gathered is documented, analyzed, and the effectiveness of each IT component is assessed to determine their overall value or risk to the company and if they meet the requirements of supporting the business. Audit deficiencies are identified and recommendations are duly made. The recommendations are categorized in terms of risk to business and controls needed to mitigate the risk. Baynetworks has successfully conducted IT architecture audits for organizations in financial, manufacturing, and the public sector.

Listed below are examples of some of the IT components PCS has audited:
Infrastructure Operations & Architecture

Network Servers
SAN, Storage
Backup & Archival
Disaster Recovery
Infrastructure Availability

Outsourced functions

Operations & Support
Business Processes

Infrastructure Management

Configuration Management
IT Help Desk and Metrics
Asset Management
IT Procurement
IT Budgets

Applications Systems Architecture

Operational Systems
Financial Systems
Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse
Application Availability

Enterprise Architecture Audit – Success Stories:

A complete IT Audit was conducted for a major opinion research company. A comprehensive list of recommendations was submitted to the senior level company management. This list included specific short- term and long-term solutions required to fix the issues identified. All recommended solutions were estimated and prioritized based according to the associated business risk and the overall cost to the company should the issue not be addressed.
A division of a major multinational manufacturing company was experiencing service level issues from their corporate business services company. The corporation hired Baynetworks to audit the IT infrastructure functions, determine the root cause for the poor service levels, and recommend corrective actions. Baynetworks conducted a detailed audit and recommended several improvements to the IT processes to resolve the service level issues.
A major financial company was cited by SEC for not complying with the SEC infrastructure guidelines. Baynetworks was hired to review the current state of the company infrastructure and recommend changes required to pass the SEC Audit. Baynetworks conducted the audit and delivered a comprehensive list of items required to fix the IT department.