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Conversions & Migrations

As technology and businesses evolve, there exists an ongoing need for organizations to keep pace with a dynamically changing environment to stay ahead of its competition. Database conversions and Application Migrations form an integral part of this change process; they not only help eliminate obsolescence, but allow organizations to offer highest level of services by leveraging latest technologies and business processes. Baynetworks’ best practices and proprietary toolset enable quick, accurate and cost-effective database conversion and application migration projects across the enterprise.

Baynetworks leverages its vast experience in enterprise-wide Conversions and Migrations to create a proprietary repository of best practices, proprietary tools, conversion/migration methodology, collaboration tools, project plans, scripts, real market research and case studies. This repository allows Baynetworks to outperform its competition. Some clients also choose to leverage our offshore development offering while performing conversion/migration projects.

Baynetworks has been helping enterprises across the United States to perform database technology migration and application conversion projects. Our Conversion/Migration methodology works quickly to address your enterprise’s specific needs using a comprehensive partnership approach. Our experts are able to work within your organization’s constraints to understand your challenges and design, construct and deploy effective strategies and solutions together in a partnership. Our methodology and approach is based upon successful experience converting and migrating many diverse clients from obsolete or older technology to new technology platforms.
Conversions and Migrations Practice Offerings:

Sybase to Oracle
Sybase to DB2 UDB
DB2 UDB to Oracle
Oracle to DB2 UDB
Sybase to MS SQL Server
2-tier Powerbuilder Apps to n-Tier Java EE Apps
2-tier Powerbuilder Apps to n-Tier .Net Apps
ColdFusion to .NET Migration
Mainframe COBOL and PL/1 to Java EE or .NET