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Business Process Improvement

Business Process Design, Business Process Engineering and/or Business Process Improvement are similar terms. They are used to define a focused effort using structured techniques and tools to help an organization optimize its business processes to achieve the most efficient results. Baynetworks is able to help you achieve process optimization whether your company is attempting to:

Develop and implement a process driven organization where today there exists a more traditional departmental approach to business causing duplication, delay and loss of quality
Focus on new business opportunities
Focus on maximizing operational efficiency and reduce costs
Focus on integration and automation

Baynetworks often aligns a client’s business processes with its strategic business goals and objectives by implementing a robust change management program. A new business model may be developed whether the organization need is to implement business change for operating efficiencies; or the need is regulatory such as Sarbanes-Oxley; or in case of technical need such as the implementation of a new software platform.

Baynetworks develops customer specific business models which may include:

Process Analysis including workflow analysis, document flow, data flow, input-output analysis, activity analysis and cross departmental analysis
Process Mapping using industry standards such as IDEF(n), OBASHI, Value Stream Mapping etc supported by various tools
Identification of key measurements – Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which will support measuring the results of the process optimization effort.
Revised organization chart and establishment of process owners

Please contact us to see how we might assist you with your unique business process need. Our extensive experience performing business process engagements in a variety of industries, positions us to be a quality provider of business process expertise.