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Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management (APM) is a disciplined approach that assists in the enabling of IT to better align itself with the business. It is the continuous evaluation and assessment of an organization’s applications from value, availability, flexibility, and technological perspectives. An application portfolio is the extension of an overall IT strategy, a critical business asset and must be managed as such. Effective APM helps align application portfolios with business goals, increases IT value to business, enables decision making about application investments and provides better control over software that automates and drives a company’s business.

PCS views Application Portfolio Management as the application of basic business management practices to the portfolio of application systems, which the company uses to conduct and support its business processes. PCS performs assessments using both financial and non-financial approaches to meet challenges of managing complex application portfolios like:

Manage cost needed to operate, maintain and/or modernize each individual application
Measure application’s contribution to operations and overall business strategy
Track key performance indicators to help determine application performance and feasibility, and rationalize the portfolio
Identify risks and application impact on the portfolio

An effective APM program enables the company to best allocate its IT resources and associated business resources to the initiatives and projects that are most closely aligned with business objectives. The application portfolio is a dynamic entity, as it is comprised of planned initiatives, projects in progress, as well as deployed applications. The entire application portfolio is in a continual state of change and to avoid the potential for misallocation of IT resources, the portfolio should be evaluated on a regular periodic basis. PCS leverages its expertise and experiences to enable clients get competitive advantage through continuous management of their application portfolios