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Application Development

Applying Technology to Business
Application development is completed on time, on budget with our proprietary methodology and best-practices approach. Our consultants can help you improve your business by sensibly applying technology to your individual business problems. We truly embody a best-of-breed, best-of-class approach and provide a 360° view of possible solutions. Our strong functional and technical skills, combined with superior project management, enable our clients to realize the benefits resulting from the deployment of new business applications, utilizing the latest technologies and techniques.

n-Tier Systems
Baynetworks has broad experience designing and implementing n-Tier systems. We provide our clients the freedom to explore every possible n-Tier solution by maintaining the capability to work with all popular vendor products on all tiers. Recent successful solutions include: Microsoft .Net development and Java EE development of n-Tier systems.

Enterprise Application Integration
Have your applications grown apart as your business evolved over the years? We can help integrate them again by defining the necessary infrastructure changes and additions, hardware and software architecture, and tools. The initial step in our process is to conduct a review and document your business goals. Only when that is completed do we proceed to the development of a technical solution, continually verifying the solution remains aligned with your unique business objectives.

Web Enabling
If your existing business applications continue to add value to the business, yet need to be extended to your customers and partners, Baynetworks can help make them available via the internet. We will identify the infrastructure, architecture, tools, and programming effort necessary to expand the reach of your systems. Our project management and quality practices, combined with our business and technology skills, assure the deliverance of a secure optimal solution.